Cloud Migrations, i.e., application migration to cloud are normally of 2 types,

  1. Lift & shift migrations without major architecture changes.
  2. Migrations involving application re-architecture to accommodate Cloud APIs, HA Architecture, Auto-scaling etc.

Whichever approach you take, Powerupcloud’s certified cloud architects and engineers will help you with Near-Zero downtime migration to cloud. We follow a definite workflow for most of our cloud migration projects.

Cloud Migration Flow

Pre-deployment Tasks
1 Understand the business needs and migration scope.
2 Create the to-be cloud architectures as per customer’s requirements on performance, budget and business continuity.
3 Create the cloud account and setup the access credentials for stakeholder teams.
Migration Tasks
4 Setup site-to-site VPN if required and setup VPC, subnets in the cloud account.
5 Create the necessary cloud services like VMs, databases, storage blocks as per the approved architecture design.
6 Assist the application team in deploying the application code and data migration using tools like import/export or accelerated WAN transfer.
7 Enable database synchronization and plan for the cutover process.
Go-live Tasks
8 Performance and load tests to benchmark the infrastructure as per customer requirements.
9 Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Tests to secure the cloud setup.
10 Go-live with 24*7 monitoring enabled to rollback the cloud switchover.

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