Machine Learning is the new normal in data analytics world. At Powerupcloud, we have been building several machine learning engine over the past 3 years, helping businesses with extract rich insights from their data.

Powerupcloud’s highly experienced machine learning engineers and data scientists can help you identify the right algorithms and implement machine learning engines for your business.

Our 5 point approach to build outcome based machine learning engines.

Understand customer’s business problems and identify the need for machine learning implementations

Build centralized data lake which serves as the data source for ml engines

Identify the right algorithms for the given problem and implement the same

Train the engines using training data and iterate with multiple data sources & parameters

Test the model against test data and implement the model with continuous feedback loop for accuracy improvement

Machine Leaning on AWS

"Machine learning was always a key aspect of Powerupcloud’s big data analytics practice. Our efforts in building machine learning and deep learning engines have just got much easier with Amazon SageMaker. Our training and tuning methods have been automated with SageMaker which saves a lot of time for our data scientists."
- Siva, CEO, Powerupcloud

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