Datacenter Setup on AWS for GoDigit

Customer Engagement

Digit Insurance is a leading insurance startup from India. Backed by Fairfax Group of Canada, Digit Insurance is aiming to be a customer friendly insurance company and deliver intelligent services with the help of big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Problem Statement

GoDigit is planning to deploy their core insurance applications on AWS from scratch. Digit wants to adopt the latest technologies and develop machine learning and analytical capabilities for their applications deployed on cloud which will give their customers a better experience and differentiate them from their competitors.


  • Different VPC for Management and each application connected via VPC peering.
  • Docker for creating containers.
  • Kubernetes for container orchestration.

Outcomes of Project

Digit was able to go live in weeks instead of months and was quickly able to integrate the plethora of services offered by AWS. From Day 1 Digit achieved the scalability flexibility and availability their applications needed

AWS Services Used

EC2,RDS,ELB,S3,Cloudwatch,Route53,VPC-peering,NAT Gateway